Wall ties


Replace corroding wall ties, safely and cost-effectively

Galvanised metal wall ties are liable to corrode. At Home Protection Services Ireland Ltd, we can replace these with stainless steel. Contact us for a free estimate.

Wall ties in Belfast for your home

A stainless steel wall tie will be far more resistant to corrosion and they need not be replaced for generations. Home Protection Services Ireland Ltd is here to set your mind at rest with regards to the insulation and ventilation of your home. Contact us today to ensure your cavity wall ties are secure.

We also serve Lisburn and the whole of County Antrim.
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Quality and integrity

We use only the best quality materials and uphold the highest standards of workmanship, to ensure your ties are in tip-top condition.

We will always consult with you before undertaking work such as this and only commence work that is necessary and cost-effective for you.
stainless steel wall ties

To make sure that your home is in safe hands, contact us today on 028 9029 1268. We serve Belfast.

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