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Protect your timber from woodworm in Belfast

At Home Protection Services Ireland Ltd, we are on hand to help identify a woodworm attack and then treat your timber surfaces with an insecticide to prevent a recurrence. Our timber treatment is guaranteed to last for 30 years.

Dry rot and wet rot treatment

You may notice your timber becoming soft or cracking. You may also notice a musty smell. If these symptoms appear in your home, we will deal with the decay and replace any damaged timber for you.
We are also here to treat timber affected by dry rot and we can redecorate and restore your interior. Additionally, we can fit wall tiles in your property. We serve Belfast and Lisburn, County Antrim. 
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Our timber treatment involves:

  • Inspecting your property
  • Analysing the extent of damage
  • Removing debris
  • Woodworm treatment
  • Cleaning of wooden furniture
  • Regular or one-off treatments
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The Federation of Master Builders

We are long-term members of the Federation of Master Builders, whose criteria ensures that all members adhere to strict standards of workmanship, quality and customer service. This means you will neither be overcharged nor be let own by our building or construction standards. You can be sure that your property is not subjected to unnecessary work.

Protect and restore your timber today. Call Home Protection Services Ireland Ltd on 028 9049 1268 for woodworm treatment

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